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If it is going to be – It’s up to me

And today is the day we can all get started.  Don Shula, former coach of the Miami Dolphins, once said Continue Reading

What’s Important

Determining what’s important should have a significant bearing upon the choices we make on a daily basis.  The questions is Continue Reading

Proficiency Takes Practice For Great Results

Do you play golf or tennis? If so,  you know that each golf club is designed for a certain purpose. Continue Reading

How to Stand Out From The Crowd

You’re the analyst. Remember when we talked about being the “product of the product?”  In other words, you know what Continue Reading

A Happy Saint Patrick’s Day To You

  An   Irish proverb we would like to share with you   May you always have walls for the winds, Continue Reading

Did You Know that Opening is Closing?

Here’s how not to get stopped before you get started. You have but a few seconds to make a first Continue Reading

Moving Forward

Introduction: The other day a very good friend of mine and I were talking about the art of communication.  She Continue Reading

I’m Free – Want to Join Me?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” These images depict what we do and how we do it.     Continue Reading

Activity Begets Longevity

Is This True? Many articles in medical magazines state that part time jobs, civic activities, joining active groups, walking,  and Continue Reading